Let me introduce myself.

I began my own journey of health more than 20 years ago and have never looked back.

I believe I have always been interested in nutrition and healthy living; however, it became very relevant when I became ill in my early 50’s. At first I turned to the medical professionals to help me. I learned quickly that drugs were their answer for me and I did not want to go down that road.

Fortunately I was introduced to a line of pure, natural supplements and found my way back to a healthy life. Literally, changing brands changed my life. Now I am a real advocate of prevention. Of course we need physicians in our lives and I am grateful for their expertise; however, I have taken responsibility for my own health.

I am now in my 70’s and am living prescription-free and feel great. I spend my time enjoying my husband of 55 years, my wonderful children and grandchildren as well as share with others the true wealth of life… I do this by posting in a health blog each week, and sharing with everyone I meet the products that helped me to change my life and begin my journey back to health.

I also share a wonderful business concept that is expressed by the CEO of the company I represent. “The real opportunity isn’t in making a better living. It’s in making living better.” (Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett)

Since being with this company I have been my own boss, work my own hours and have no limit to my success. It has offered me not only a journey of health, but a life-changing opportunity. And I love sharing this concept with others.  To learn more about this company and what I do go to this site.

I would also like to offer you my FREE Report ” What Your Doctor Wasn’t Taught In Med School About Nutrition That You Need to Know” ~ At the top right of this page you can download it and discover:

  • 7 important things about nutrition you need to know
  • How others have used nutrition to not only halt but reverse disease
  • The importance of anti-oxidants, omegas and the prevention of free radical damage
  • Why this expert doctor recommends to use a supplementation program
  • Plus, much more!

Enjoy and feel free to connect with me at any time.  I would love to share with you all that Shaklee has to offer.


Joanne Estes



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