Feb 152012

I loved watching this small child express such positive statements about her family, her home, her life. So often we get caught up in the challenges of the day and  forget the small stuff.   Just appreciating what she has and expressing it was wonderful to watch.  Health is a process of the choices we make each day, including affirmations acknowledging what we are grateful for, and of course, choosing to eat a healthy diet, exercise and supplement wisely.  My post this week is to share with you some of the great books I have read on the subject.

In the book, Healing And The Mind, the author, Bill Moyers, talks with physicians, scientists, therapists about  the connection we have with our thoughts and feelings and how these influence our health; he asks the question, how is healing related to the mind and how do our emotions translate into chemicals into our bodies.  His journey led them all to a central question:  What is health?  The book is organized around the questions and answers found during this journey, and helps us all learn more about this remarkable union of mind, body, and spirit that is the human being.   This book is actually a companion to Bill Moyer’s public television series, Healing and The Mind.  As a side note,  credit is given  to Doubleday senior editor at the time, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, as an important part of the project with her vision and encouragement.  This is a wonderful book and series about this subject.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD., a renowned cell biologist, in his book, The Biology of Belief ~ Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, reports on groundbreaking work (called Epigentics) showing that genes and DNA do not control our biology; but instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts!  Joseph Mercola, founder of the world’s most visited natural health site, stated:  “Finally, a compelling and easy-to-understand explanation of how your emotions regulate your genetic expression.  You need to read this book to truly appreciate that you are not a victim of your genes but instead have unlimited capacity to live a life overflowing with peace, happiness, and love.”

Watching the news this week about the sad and untimely death of singer Whitney Houston made me think about how negative thoughts, even the often not true statements in the press about her life, must have affected her.  One of the press releases stated that she reacted angrily in the hotel gift shop,  just prior to her death, after seeing a tabloid with her picture, claiming she was back in rehab again.  Dr. Franklin Ebaugh of the University of Colorado Medical School states that resentment, hate, grudges, ill will, jealousy, vindictiveness, are all attitudes which produce ill-health.  Chemical reactions in the body are set up by emotional outbursts that result in feelings of ill-health.

He continues by suggesting that if you are not feeling so great, honestly ask yourself if you are harboring any ill will or resentment or grudges.  And if so, cast them out without delay.  Many people suffer poor health not because of what they eat but from what is eating them, siphoning off any happiness, as well as draining energy and leading to deterioration in one’s health.  Filling the mind with attitudes of goodwill, forgiveness, faith, love and gratefulness can produce feelings of well-being.

Norman Vincent Peale recommends that we saturate our thoughts with peaceful experiences, peaceful words and ideas, and utlimately we will have a storehouse of peace-producing experiences to which we can turn to for refreshment and renewal of our spirit ~ a vast source of power.

I love Ode for Intelligent Optimists, a magazine totally focused on positive news.  In the December issue was where I found the delightful video that I posted above.    I highly recommend reading  Antonia Hall’s article on how to Develop the Power of Positive Thinking.  She shares with the reader how to develop positive affirmations to recite each day and shares hers as well.

I will end this post with a quote from my favorite author, Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Coming to Our Senses ~ Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness…

The journey toward health

and sanity is nothing less than

an invitation to wake up

to the fullness of our lives as if  they

actually mattered.”


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