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This is a guest post this week by Ryan Rivera,  author of   He strongly promotes natural ways to improve mental health. You can read his full bio at

Men and women deal with some degree of personal anxiety every day. In small doses, anxiety is completely manageable and may not impact your life. But when you start to experience regular, persistent anxiety that affects your behaviors and your quality of life, it’s important you find a way to treat it.

Pharmaceutical treatments are not a good option. Like much of western medicine they are riddled with side effects, but perhaps their greatest flaw is that they don’t actually treat anxiety – they simply dull it down in such a way that your entire personality becomes “heavier.” In a way, you will no longer be you, and while you may want to relieve your anxiety, you don’t want to lose your personality in the process.

Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety

That’s why it’s so important to find safe and natural ways to treat anxiety. Therapy is a useful option –
and one that is obviously free of side effects as well – but it can be prohibitively expensive these days
when many people are living paycheck to paycheck. That’s why you should try the following safe and
effective ways to treat your personal anxiety.

1. Exercise

Before you do anything else, you need to integrate some type of exercise in your life. One of the unique
things about anxiety is that your mind can create your mental anxiety when your body is inactive
and filled with energy. Exercise burns away that excess energy, and in the process it depletes stress
hormones and creates a type of neurotransmitter that improves a positive mood. Jogging for 30 minutes
every day can reduce your anxiety for as much as 24 hours. Exercise really is that powerful.

2. Kava

There are several herbal supplements that promote anxiety reduction, but kava is perhaps the most
effective. It’s received real, clinical research that has essentially proven that kava can relieve anxiety
symptoms, and it’s completely non-addictive and withdrawal free. You can take and stop taking kava
whenever you like without any harm to your body. Kava is one of the only herbal options effective for
moderate anxiety and while it’s not the best tasting herb in the world, it’s an easy pill to swallow and
one that shows a considerable amount of promise as a long term natural cure for personal anxiety.

3. Passionflower

Passionflower is a lot like kava, except a bit better for mild anxiety rather than moderate anxiety. Many
people choose passionflower over kava because passionflower isn’t known to interact with alcohol.
Kava, on the other hand, cannot be taken with alcohol. Avoiding alcohol consumption is an important
part of maintaining healthy relaxation levels, however, so your choice depends on a great deal on the
type of commitment you plan to make to your anxiety management.

4. Focus on Happier Living

Many people live hectic, anxiety filled lives and try their best to find some anxiety cure that will take all of their anxiety away without making any big lifestyle changes. It doesn’t quite work that way.  You should be seeking out happiness in every area of your life, and make it a mission of yours to find happiness every day. Even if you dislike your job, you should be looking for ways to make your job more enjoyable for yourself, and staying active with happy activities when you get home no matter how drained you may be.

5. Avoid Anxiety Stimulants

Personal anxiety is the type of mental health issue that accumulates from many areas of your life. If
you experience regular anxiety, you should also be avoiding things that cause little bursts of anxiety,
no matter how harmless they may be. Avoid walking down dangerous streets, stop watching horror
movies, consider skipping out on amusement park rides, etc. On their own, these activities are relatively
harmless, but when you are learning to cope with anxiety you should be cutting out any activity that
may fuel it later.

Cutting Personal Anxiety Out of Your Life

Each of these tips will produce incremental changes in your ability to cure anxiety. Over time, however,
your mind and body will learn better ways to relax and cope, and ultimately you’ll find that your overall
mental health is much stronger.

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